What our customers are saying...


Thank you DC International!!!

My wife and I are extremely pleased with all our purchases; pearl earring studs, engagement ring and wedding bands, anniversary necklace, and my newest purchase of them all... the diamond earring studs.


First time doing business with DC International was truly a miracle story for the books!

It happened about 2 years ago. I was Christmas shopping for my future lovely wife. I was looking for fine quality Akoya pearl earrings, but didnít have a clue where to start. I did a little research on-line and came across what looked like a fair deal. I did make the online purchase. When I received the earrings three days before Christmas, I was very disappointed. The pearl earring studs looked nothing like the advertised picture from the website. I didnít know what to do, with so little time left until Christmas.

Then I remembered that my cousin was recently shopping for an engagement ring. I quickly picked up the phone and called him to ask where he acquired the ring. He highly recommended that I see Darrel and Carolyn at DC International. Boy, am I glad that I called them that evening !! After talking with Darrel on the phone, I realized that with so little time leftÖ it really would take a small miracle to find what I wanted before Christmas!

Darrel didnít make any huge promises that he couldnít keep, but he did say that he was going to do everything he could to help me. Sure enough he quickly went to work, and on Christmas Eve morning he called me up with the good news.

I did end up purchasing the most beautiful (9mm) Akoya pearl earrings youíve ever seen...and at a price well below the appraised value!!

The most memorable part of this whole experience was the warm customer service. Darrel and Carolyn are incredible to work with.

After receiving such personal, honest, and detail oriented customer service I canít see myself ever doing business with any other jeweler. DC International is the only place for all my current and future jewelry needs!!

-- Maks & Olga Yarin