Custom Design ...                

We can help you create your "one-of-a-kind" design...from an original idea to your finished piece.

We have over 25 years experience helping clients create custom jewelry designs…through a simple ‘step by step’ process.

First we start with an idea, perhaps a picture, even a doodle… and we will walk you through the design process from there.

Next we will have our artist do a full color sketch of the piece.

After the sketch is either altered to be ‘just right’ or is accepted ‘as is’…we then do a wax carving of the item and actually set the stones into the wax precisely as they will be set in the finished piece. If we are creating a ring, at this point the client can even try the ‘wax’ ring on her finger.

Only after the client approves the wax rendition do we then create the piece in 14K, 18K or platinum.

By taking the above steps very carefully, there are absolutely no surprises…only guaranteed satisfaction!



“Darrel and Carolyn helped us create Katie’s wedding rings. They met privately with us several times to make sure we were on track, and listened carefully to our questions and input along the way. The result was just what we wanted. The style was perfect, great quality, and at a very fair price”.

-- T. Corrigan

  One of our beautiful rings ... from the fire to the finish        
A few more of our custom styles...  



We can create virtually anything you have in mind!